I accompanied Mymi & GrandSire on a roadtrip up to Doc’s Ranch yesterday.  It was really, really hot here in My Valley with temps over the century mark.  It was good to get outta My Valley for a little while & breathe the fresh air of the foothills.
Doc was celebrating 4th of July 1 wk early cause her littermate, Delta Smelt & that branch of the family is leaving for a European Vacation & Cruise.  I really like steak cooked on the Barby.  We even brought home a doggie bag.  Good eats for days . . . Yay for family picnics & barby-qs.
I hadda have a serious discussion with LadyDi, of whom I’ve previously spoken.  Doc was putting alla the pooches up for the night.  They stay indoors with Doc in this hot weather, even up thar in the foothills.  LadyDi chose this occasion to demonstrate to Doc just how much she loved Doc’s latest couture designed gauzy & brightly colored fashion statement which Doc had left next to LadyDi’s crate.  LadyDi spied this very fine prize & pulled into the crate.  She had all the silver buttons chewed off & a big vent made in the back of the fine garment.  Doc was displeased.
LadyDi’s a good dog but she kinda forgot her purpose due to the excitement of all of the visitors & the barby-q & all.  So that’s why I hadda have a serious conversation with LadyDi.  Cause what could possibly go wrong with that scenario, LadyDi, is that you’ll upset Doc & cause the unintended consequence of spoiling a really good gig you got going at the moment. 
GrandSire really likes going to Doc’s.  I think he likes to have someone else to talk to besides Mymi & me.  Not that we aren’t sparkling conversationalists & all. 
OpalK9 OTJ
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