Dear Mr Pres Barko Bama:
1st of all let me apologize for dropping the ball & not getting back to you with my considered opinion of your address from the Oval Office.  It’s just that I been so busy what with holidays & travel, birthdates & dance recitals & all the other events & excitement goin’ on there in the Valley of Casinos & Bling.  Awesome responsibilities photoshopping all the pix from my Resort & Spa, remote access.
I know you celebrated Sire’s Day @ the White House with your offsprings, Sasha & Malia.  My family circle celebrated birthdates of #1Son, Pebbles Flintstones’ (AKA Tootsie Roll’s) dance recital, local theater performances of Willie Wonka.  All the chocolate is a really big hit in my family.  Of course, Sire’s Day.  Mymi reports that the Cher Show was todally awesome.  I thought you might enjoy some of my pix . . . attached.
FYI:  I thought your speech was good as it possibly could get cause you refrained from telling listeners what they think they want to hear.  For far too long, politicians & leaders Inside the Beltway & on Capital Hills in 50 states have made it so easy to divide, distract, disrespect, dismiss, deny & ignore pressing problems & challenges with bumper sticker philosphy & sound bite jingoism, photo-ops & unsubstantiated conjecture & mediastorm.  Our leadership (& I use the term loosely) has fanned flames of bigotry & violence, turning our attention with hateful rhetoric against The Gay & The Immigrant, Pro This or That & minority groups & Other Outsiders (like K9s) without addressing real issues & concerns of Main Street & Elm, Joe the Bull & Jane the Ewe. 
I know your gotta bowlfull.  So thanks for not passing the buck, making empty promises & hollow rhetoric.  & thanks for not apologizing to BP for putting our Gulf Coast in the way of their profit margin.  & activist judges rescinding the ban on deep water drilling til we know what the hell we’re doing . . . if ever.  How much does a judge cost these days.  Looks like a stock portfolio stuffed with oil industry stock.  We been digging this hole a long time & I know something about digging holes.  When you get to the bottom quit digging.  Mr Pres . . . we’re there.
Yr Friend,
OpalK9 OTJ
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