Dear Mr Pres Barko Bama,
It’s me.  Your friend OpalK9.  On this, the 57th day of the BP/Gulf Oil Crisis, I betcha yer pretty tired of the subject & all.  Me too.  But somebody’s gotta bang the drum & keep citizens, voters & taxpayers engaged & informed.  So here I am.
I know your real busy now, preparing for your Oval Office address this evening concerning this very subject.  & I don’t wanna be a bother or nothin’ but I think you should know.  I guess humans haven’t really learned anything over this last disaster & crisis nor over the past 100 HY of oil exploration.
BP, formerly branding it’s corporate image as environmentally sensitive & considerate of human labor as it’s most valuable resource, cutting edge, brightest minds in any bidness, continues to drag feet in getting a handle on this mess.  Beyond Petroleum indeed.
& I can understand & appreciate that your administration has been patient & careful in response to this man-made disaster of Bibilical proportions.  We all know what happens when a President goes off half-cocked, pursuing a personal Crusade.  So piece on that. 
Now Royal Dutch Shell, (in case you didn’t know, is not an American corporation either) is rebranding its corporate image as the most environmentally sensitive, just trying to do right by the world & still turn a profit.  Searching for ‘alternative’ fuels like natural gas in the Arctic.  My BFFs @ the NRDC inform me that they are preparing for oil exploration in the Arctic.  Let’s go.  FYI: Natural Gas is not an alternative to fossil fuels.
What could possibly go wrong?  They have no better spill recovery or clean up technology than any other oily giant.  BP is fumbling around trying to get a handle on this disaster @ depths that are very very cold.  What could possibly go wrong with exploration in the Arctic where its frozen over most of the year & the depths never rise above the 30-35 degree range.  What could possibly go wrong?
These corporations would have us believe that their only responsibility is to their investors . . . when it’s convenient.  What could possibly go wrong?  Myself, personally, a mere dog, I don’t think it’s very good bidness to damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead & have to spend unplanned-for guzzillions & trillions to clean up the mess, make the whole world hate you, sink your investors with debt just so it can be said . . . Who me?  We didn’t do nothin’. They’re just making it bad for all of us inhabitants of AnimalPlanet.com.
So, Mr Pres BArko Bama, I hope you get the message.  Rescind the Shell Shill Exploration permit.  Require Best Available Control Technology & Best Safety Technology & Measures.  Stop subsidizing obsolete energy resources.  Get a realistic energy policy.  No more Drill Baby Drill.  Not now.  Not 6 mo from now.  Not ever.  NEVER AGAIN.  Let’s not go.  If it’s too big to fail  . . . it’s too big.  If a profit cannot be turned honestly & playng by rules for everyone, it doesn’t deserve to remain in bidness, especially bidness as risky as oil exploration.  OpalK9 OTJ
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