I hadda get all fluffed & blow dried one more time again.  I hadda go represent my breed & @ the CalExpo Dog & Pony Show. 
I met up with Lucy & Chloe who were also representing Aussie Rescue.  Lucy belongs to Kayce who is on Board Aussie Rescue.  Lucy’s a Toy Aussie.  She’s pretty short.  Chloe is a rescue from a puppy mill up in WA, much like myself.  She’s about 8 HY.  Chloe’s a Miniature Aussie.  She’s bigger than Lucy but smaller than me.  She’s very shy & bashful & uncertain what this Person/Pooch Partnership gig is all about. Chloe is Lucy’s special assignment to guide & assist her to a good home that will know of her special needs & love her for the wonderful Aussie & dog that she is.  Kiss my Aussie.
The Dog Show was in a big building that was filled with hunnerds & hunnerds of dog breeds & owners, dog accessories, food, treats, groomers & any other K9 necessities & toys.   Magic Kingdom for Dogs.
I hoped to see my Mama & Papa & Foster Sister Babs, but they could not come.  So a great big shout out to Mama & Papa & Babs.  We’ll catch you another time.  My AuntieKim called Mymi from the Sanctuary but they were very busy & I couldn’t chat.
The Horse Show was outside our building.  Every stripe & breed of horse was represented.  They were all doing their thing.  Riding & ropin’.  Prancing & pulling sleds & beer wagons.  It was all great fun but I hadda repress my herding instincts or that coulda caused a big disaster right there @ the fair grounds.  A stampede.
We took our camera but our table was so busy meeting & greeting people curious about our organization & breed, we didn’t get a chance to take the camera from the case.  OpalK9 OTJ
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