Wanna see some pretty flowers in a local wetland habitat as yet not impacted by the BP oil spill in the Gulf?  Better look now cause by the time anything is done about the oil spill it will have spread to every continent & all 4 corners of the map cause we all know the earth is flat & there is no Global Climate Change & if there is, human activity is not responsible. 
We went walkies in a local wetland habitat.  I hadda be quiet & reserved cause they don’t allow dogs there.  Whatta bummer.  Umbelieveable.  Humans actually convince themselves that dogs & wildlife are incompatible when all us lower life forms see for ourselves what destruction & devastation human activity has caused around AnimalPlanet.com in the name of progress & improvement.
It’s quite beyond us dogs & other critters how humans can deny & evade what’s obvious as the nose on my muzzle.  Do they really need to convene hundreds of top scientists & engineers to respond to this mess?  The prevailing winds & ocean currents haven’t changed much since humans started tinkering & messing around, playing with matches & causing fires with unintended consequences. 
Everybody who’s anybody in the marine animal world can swear to the devastation of the Exxon Valdez in AK or the Ixtac spill in the Gulf.  They will tell you the effects of oil spills from 40 HY ago are still evident along the shores where humans were careless & irresponsible again & again.  They never learn.
Now oil is appearing on the coastline of FL, GrandSire’s old stomping ground.  Not surprising to us unenlightened, lower life forms on the food chain.  It was only a matter of time.  Good thing we got Dances With Pelicans before disaster makes a guzzillion miles of FL coastline a vast wastelend . . . http://cid-392cdc63bcc6f2a1.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.res/392cdc63bcc6f2a1!334?ct=photos.  GrandSire is much displeased & concerned.
Not to mention, which nobody has for a while, the large oil slick of plastic bottles, trash & styrofoam containers ’bout 2X the size of TX floating in the Pacific offa the Great State of CA.  Oil in a different form is oil nonetheless.  The stuff never goes away.  & burning off the oil  . . . that’s like a million billion cars without catalytic converters.  Killer SMOG.
So take a look @ some pretty flowers in our local wetland habitat, what’s left of it after human intervention & civilization destroyed 95% of the wetland habitat before it’s all gone & humans realize all those little less than significant impacts accumulate & add up & before you know it entire traditions & ways of life & life forms are gone & no one knows why.  Then they’ll commission a study, solicit more expert testimony.  Tell that to a pelican or a cormorant, a sea turtle or an otter. 
Myself, personally, I don’t think humans are all that smart.  After all.  Who’s following along behind whom with a poo bag & a scooper?
If we can put a human on the moon, we can figure out alternative fuels for our modern life style.  If we really want to that is.  NEVER AGAIN.  OpalK9 OTJ
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