Good news from FL, GrandSire’s old hometown & haunt on the Gulf.  My BFF Annie & GMama passed with flying colors the AKC Canine Good Citizens Program Test & Therapy Dogs International, Inc. Now they are a therapy dog team & going to look into visiting in local hospitals & other places where dogs can cheer up residents.  GrandSire spent time in a rehab facility so he knows how much a visit from a CGC/AAT team would mean.  Todolly awesome.  Way to go Annie & GMama.
Annie’s a good dog & knows her purpose & inquired about my CGC badge.  Annie guided & assisted GMama to google CGC badge & Therapy Dog Team.  They followed instructions, worked real hard.  Effort paid off in aces.  Everyone’s happy.  It’s a win/win.
There’s other percs to the badge.  Annie gets to accompany GMama to the grocery store & other places for shopping & doing bidness.  She gets to stay in all the finest Pet Friendly hotels.  If you’re really lucky, Annie, they’ll let you fly in the front of the plane when you jetset.  Oh Annie, you’re gonna love all the benefits & rewards. 
Like 2 ships passing in the night, Annie met Bently, a princely Sheltie, & they hung out while during the tests.   Annie’s heart was a-flutter but she hadda say sweet farewell when testing was over cause Bently lives miles from Annie’s community.  They both got their responsibilities, ya know.
Thanks to Annie & GMama for reporting this good news from the Gulf.  Good luck presenting the idea to the hospital.  They’re gonna love it too.  OpalK9 OTJ
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