Talking about Talking about PLUGGIT. DAMMIT,


Well said.  Government officials need to just take over and get it done.  There is too much at risk for humans, animals and the planet as a whole to just let the oil people do their talking and nothing is done. 
Perhaps the fines that the oil people should have to pay for all this mess besides the paying for all the damage is to use those fines to pay for solar panes for all the buildings in America. LadyA & Rattners


Talking about PLUGGIT. DAMMIT,

  Does ANYONE tell it like it is anymore!!!!!! Does ANYONE know the truth or is it so lost that it can’t be recovered !!!!!! This is SICK SICK SICK !!!!! I can hardly bare to watch TV or see the pictures of the birds etc.!!!!! GREED is indeed destroying all that is alive & beautiful in America !!!!! My tears are flowing !!!!!  Gmama & Annie

It’s doubful we know the truth anymore.  That’s what we elect people to high office to sort out.  OK9



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