Dear Mr Pres Barko Bama:
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, know you’re a Constitutional Scholar & all.  Not a veteran of the Environmental Documentation & Mythology Wars.  So maybe you’re unfamiliar with the thought that Environmental regulation & required documentation is largely myth & fantacy.  Big words made up out of wholecloth to protect large corporate & industrial giants from the masses of Great Unwashed that would seek to do said large corporate giant outta 1 cent corporate profit & greed; from the bottom line; in favor of employee safety & environmental precaution.  Regulation written by whatever large industry it’s intended to regulate.  Sorta like puttin’ the FOX in charge of the Chicken House, if you get my drift. 

Carol Browner, Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, knows what I’m talkin’ about.  EPA Administrator during the Clinton Administration, all due respect to Ms Browner & Mr Clinton.  See the myth of environmental documentation is that significant negative impacts will be revealed & mitigated or the project doesn’t go forward.  We, here @ Todo Chronicles, wish to be your personal MythBusters

Environmental documentation is a lotta words & reams of paper grown into books, distributed in high places, describing a potential project & conjecturing alternatives, assessing potential impacts.  Said impacts can be ruled Exempt, Less than Significant, Significant mitigated to less than significant.  Significant unmitigated impacts are rolled into Findings of Fact & overridden in Statements of Override which usually consist of economic considerations override any potentially significant negative impacts.  Sorta neat & tidy circular logic even for a Constitutional Scholar. 

See that’s the mistake Dewey-Eyed Liberals make alla time.  Thinking that all the Stakeholders come to the table to make nice & assure equal opportunity & fairness & a democratic process.  That BTOs, CEOs, CFOs & what not negotiate in good faith.  Not so, Mr Pres Barko Bama.

So getchur head outta the clouds & PLUGGIT DAMMIT.  Take steps to ensure NEVER AGAIN.  Not talkin’ here about only environmental regulation but every other kinda regulation that’s supposeta ensure a level playing field, everyone plays fair & that Corporate Giants & Conglomerates can’t skirt regulation with an army of Armani Suited Lawyers to file appeals while said conglomerate plows right on compromising workers, resources & everything else until the whole rigamarole blows up in all our faces.   Ignore it & it’ll go away is our motto no more.  Sweeping Climate change legislation is a start.  Sweeping financial reform is another.   

I watched your press conference today.  You said . . . the Buck Stops here.  Sometimes a few well chosen words are better than a whole library of documentation.  Make it happen, Mr Pres.  We’re counting on you.

Yr Friend, OpalK9 OTJ

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