We waved Goodbye to our friend & said Have a nice trip.  Don’t forget your Dawn Dishwashing Detergent.  Save a duck or a pelican while you’re there.
Our friend, we call her NOLA cause she’s from NOLA, is going home to NOLA for a visit with friends & family left behind in the wake of Katrina.  Our friend NOLA has only 1 leg to stand on so she moves around in a motorized chair & relies on friends to help her get outta the Senior Living Center she now resides in.
We been swapping stories with NOLA for some time now & are always impressed with her courage & generosity in the face of adversity.  We were discussing our recent Xtreme Home Makeover experience & NOLA said . . . How can I sign up to volunteer?   I can’t go out & work but I can work phones from home.  I wanna help.
We gave her our Hands On connection.  Hands On has all kinds of volunteer opportunities
We say goodbye to NOLA & wish her a safe & happy trip.  But note to New Orleans:  CA wants her back.   OpalK9 OTJ
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