I know there’s lotsa more important subjects & issues to take up time & space than DWTS.  But sometimes, a dog’s just gotta take a break from the jabber & banter & gaze @ the Stars.  Tonight’s the semi-finals.  Just 4 Stars remaining in the Race to the Glitterball, Spring 2010. 
Besides the dirty politics & corruption will go on with or without comment from a mere dog.  The Oil Spill in the Gulf, the New Exxon Valdez, will go on & on & no one seems to know what to do about it.  At least no one in charge.  & the Human Tendancies to Paranoia & Dyslexia will prevent anyone from seeing what’s patently obvious to anyone with half a brain & a little objectivity. 
I mean do humans need to be convinced by experts & pundits that living critters need oxygen in order to breath.  Do they need another study to find out what the rest of us already know . . . oil & water don’t mix & no one can breath oil. 
The Stars remaining in the race for the Glitterball are clear winners, each one.  When you look @ the effort & work they put into the project, well a dog’s just gotta salute effort & clear vision like they demonstrate.
& when you listen to their stories, it’s clear that they didn’t get to the Semi-Finals buying votes & sticking their heads in the Sands of Denial.  They’re just regular citizens like you & me.  They defined a job & set about the task.
Nicole, she’s from HI.  Does she hafta show a birth certificate before moving forward?  She’s got lotsa talent & drive.  She’s clearly a performer & a showwoman.
Erin’s so tall she looks like a Great Blue Heron in my neighborhood.  She overcame gawkiness & stalker threat.  She’s a sport all the way.
Chad 85 came from the Wrong Side of the Tracks.  He admits he’s no rocket scientist but his athletic achievements translate to the stage.  He’s got a nice smile & very straight teeth.
Evan’s my kinda guy.  Socially awkward & quiet.  An Olympic Gold Champion smoothes out the dance floor. 
They all proved they are more than a pretty face & bling without substance.  May the best dancer win.   Stay tuned to see who goes home tonite.  OpalK9 OTJ
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