Amid all the clang & clatter re:  Is the oil spill Pres Bama’s Katrina?,
or all the finger pointing about Who’s to blame & who’s gonna pay for this mess?;
& further amongst all the Pickled Herring Distraction Wedge Issues like:
 Gay Marriage,
 Pro-Life Issues,
 Illegal Immigration,
 Budget deficits & gov’mint overreach;
 Pull the Plug on Granny & Death Panels; &
 Climate Change, fact or faith?
 Jobs & the Merits of Manufacturing;
 & all the other stuff humans find to argue about.
Sandwiched between other Wedge Issues drummed up & beaten to death by Inside-the-Beltway Wisdom, I don’t suppose it would be very helpful to point out that the real Enemies of the State, Visigoths @ the Gate are the Wall Street Wiseguys & Oil Barrons who have put this country’s economy & security in far more jeopardy than illegal immigrants crossing the border.  Wall Street Wiseguys & Oil Barrons have done this country far more damage than the terrorist attack of 911 & all the subsequent attacks & attempted attacks. 
So we can discuss & debate, shift blame & fingerpoint, look the other way & ignore & round up the usual suspects who aren’t of acceptable color & hue or they aren’t wearing acceptable shoes or they speak with an accent or not at all.  We can round up the usual suspects because taking some action could possibly releive that sensation of helplessness & outrage for a brief moment.  But the usual suspects didn’t damage & destroy to the American Dream & our way of life.  Scapegoating the usual suspects is another slap & dash, short-sighted solution.
We can Round up the usual suspects & stick our head in the sand & pass the buck some more.  Nothing will get done but we’ll feel so much better about it . . . for a while.
If we really wish to resolve long standing offenses against this country, let’s round up the Wall Street Wiseguys & Oil Barrons & read ’em their rights. Exclusions & Exemptions, Exceptions & Loopholes & other legal nicities can be sorted out in a Court of Law.  Wall Street Wiseguys & Oil Barren are entitled to their day in court just like any other criminal.  
& for the record, Top Hat didn’t work.  What could possibly go wrong?  I know.  I know.  I’m just a dog.  I’m just sayin’ . . .  OpalK9 OTJ
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