Dear CA Secretary of State:

In regards to your recent mailing CA Statewide Direct Primary Election, Official Voter Information Guide, please send appropraite papers mentioned in your booklet immediately so as to effect a change of party affiliation.  It has come to GrandSire’s attention that there is an election about to occur & he wishes to switch affiliation from the Party of Nope to the Party of Hope.
GrandSire follows this political stuff very closely.  He watched the Straight Talk Express run into a ditch with I was a Maverick Before I Was Not A Maverick Before I Was a Maverick Again McCain @ the wheel.  He’s not much impressed with Klondike Barbie & the Tea Party Movement that can’t even spell Conservative much less know how to conserve or be fiscally responsible.  He’s not all that thrilled that the richest of the richest in the richest country on AnimalPlanet.com would be stingy with health care & short shrift the education of our future.
GrandSire has little patience these days with cheap easy sloganeering.  Drill Baby Drill is a disaster of monstrous proportions.  It was only a matter of time until something occurred for which no one was prepared & everyone was caught off-guard because Leadership insisted on Denial & Delay & Status Quo to support Big Oil with little regard for costs of the inevitable.  He thinks Darth Vader should look up the legal term Conflict of Interest before we put him on trial for lying us into 2 wars we cannot pay for thusly making himself & his cronies very rich in the bargain. 
GrandSire is especially dismayed with the tone & tenor of campaign rhetoric & self-righteous criticism of the efforts of the duly elected President.  Is Boehner mad because someone with a natural tan darker than his is in the White House?  How much does a Supreme Court Justice cost nowadays? 
He deplores the hate & fear mongering that passes for winning party strategies.  GrandSire saw the result of Nazi Germany & is appalled @ the loose rhetoric.  If Party Strategists had been there they wouldn’t be so free with such smear & slander.  It’s unseemly, ungentlemanly & truly classless.  Not to mention self-defeating & doesn’t speak very well of ourselves.
So if you would, please, Madam Secretary, forward necessary papers so GrandSire can realign his political affiliations.  We want to be very sure GrandSire always has necessary papers available to prove his citizenship & right to go about his business.  Of course, it’s not like he’d ever be caught driving while tan cause he doesn’t drive.  We support GrandSire’s move to the Left-Leaning Latte’ Drinking Liberal Elite Born Again in CA. He’s going to practice random acts of civility, courtesy & common sense because Deny & DeLay, Smear & Fear, Lie, Speculate & Conjecture ain’t gettin’ it anymore for GrandSire.  Yay GrandSire.    OpalK9 OTJ
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