Talking about CA’S GOLD

  Huell Howser has the perfect life!!!! Does he take a trip every week & share it with everyone who watches TV??? I’ve seen some of the "forgotten" places in CA when we took our last trip West heading to the state of Washington via OR !!!! Just can’t get enough of unsettled land & there is less & less of it each hour !!! I think Weeki Wachee is a natural Artisan Spring. Now that the state owns it, maybe it can be brought back to par. #1  reason for all the sinkholes in northern FL is the draining of the H2O from the ground like the strawberry farmers did this winter. Just haven’t had sufficient rain to cover such a drainage. I ???? Will we ever learn. Not that I’m against assisting the oppressed but just how many people can we let into the USA???? Nature has been telling & showing us things for years that we continue to ignore then when "bad things happen" we act like we weren’t expecting it???? Life really is very uncomplicated…..We’ve made it otherwise in the name of progress!!!!  GMama & Annie



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