When I grow up I todolly want Huell Howser‘s gig . . . California’s Gold highlights small towns, landmarks, events or places of interest throughout CA which are not well known to the general public.  Huell’s on a roadtrip every week conducting informal interviews with the locals. He also produces derived shows including California’s Golden Parks, California’s Water, Visiting… with Huell Howser, Our Neighborhoods, The Bench, Road Trip, and various specials.  Some of the "Video Log " episodes could be found at  (Thanks again Wikipedia.)
CA’s not all Glitz & Glam, Fuzzy Headed Liberals & Tree Huggers, 49ers & Hangtownsers.  No siree.  CA’s got history & resources, family heritage that goes back generations, before the Gold Rush.  Huell’s camera goes where few have gone or prolly will go.
Why for instance, Huell was up in the NE corner of my state, the Ntx of CA, OR & NV where the Lava Beds are.  Well ‘cept for the part where he explored the dark lifeless lava tubes that run underground where lava flowed like Eyjafjallajokull Volcano.  I’m no linguist, Great Todo knows.  But is Eyjafjallajokull Icelandic for Big Ashhole?  Anyway except for exploring underground caves, I todolly want Huell Howser’s gig.
Huell, moving westward along Immigrant Trail for settlers headed to OR, went to Mt. Lassen Park, another volcanic area but this 1 is above ground.  Mt. Lassen is covered with snow & there’s boiling caldrons of mud right next to frigid artesian springs.  Huell stuck his hand in both & could be heard to say Oh My Gawd.  Not sure but I think he’s the originator of OMG.
Then he moved over to the coast which is not all beaches & surfers up there in the No. parts of my state.  He visited lumber towns where lumberjacks cut down trees a hunnert ft around, or somethin’.  Loaded ’em up on railroad cars & the railroads are still in operation.  The towns are not Inland Empire urban sprawl like CA’s characterized.  Little bitty towns a few K residents in size. 
My favorite part of the roadtrip to McCloud was the waterfalls fed by natural artesian springs where Huell & a buncha visitors jumped in & swam around.  I like swimming in rivers except when it’s fish spawning season & fish brine smell gets into your fur & ya gotta take a bath after a refreshing dip.  But that wasn’t a problem for Huell. 
Last stop on the roadtrip was to the city water reservoir which is fed by natural underground springs & the water flows free into the pond, never touched or treated.  Huell said . . . OMG That’s the best water I ever tasted. 
I just hope they don’t decide to bottle the stuff in plastic bottles, slap a fancy lable on the bottle & make the whole town richer than Midas for a very short time.  Until the Law of Unintended Consequences takes over & something goes seriously, todolly wrong.  The wells run dry & families lose their livelihood & the whole idea goes to hell in a handbasket.  Then I todolly wouldn’t want Huell Howser’s gig.
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