Talking about EARTH DAY 2010

  My refrigerator is 32 yrs. old & my Mom has been looking also for something simple!!!! We’d like to purchase one under $500!!!! This rebate thing is too difficult as George’s right near Winn-Dixie will haul away & give us a discount without the government!!!
Since Mom has been doing this for 2 yrs., not sure what spark I can set off to get her to buy now!!!! Guess when you get old, shopping is not your thing!!!! Me, I’m just glad the weather is pretty perfect right now for long walks….so much to check out!!!! Love you Opal K9 !! There’s not a another dog in FL….maybe the whole USA like you!!!! Wish you were here to teach me some of what you know!!!!   Annie

Very impressive work there Opal K9!! Warrendoggy

Our Mama is doing her part. She got an iPad and doesn’t have to saw down a tree to read a book now. All it takes is a little electricity to keep the machine running. No driving to the book store, no waiting for the mail man. We’ll see. Rocky & posse.



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