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We did our part for National Rebuild Together Day, April 24.  We took pix.  I hadda upload & photoshop.  Awesome responsibilities.  But we like to put our effort, cause we got more time than $, where our curser is. 
Rebuild Together selected 10 homes in the greater valley area.  Corporate sponsors worked with homeowners to assess need & make a plan of action.  Volunteers signed up through the corporate sponsors or through RT.  We signed on to take pix & assist.  We do what we can. 
Previously, we visited 3 of the sites to take before pix & meet the homeowners.  Just plain folks & regular Americans.  The before pix of these domains were enough to make a dog weep & be thankful for our blessings. 
But on April 24, miracles were performed to transform existing housing stock & make it liveable again.  We were happy to participate.  Rebuild.  Recycle.  Reduce the waste stream.  Sustain.
You’re neither too young to help out.  Nor too old to lend a hand.  Large corporate presences in the community organize & contribute.  Americans are always at our very best when engaged in great enterprise, lending a hand (or a paw) to our neighbor & minding our own business.  I don’t think headlines of today describing corporate greed & dog eat dog instincts to make profit @ our neighbor’s expense do any of us very proud.  We, here @ Todo Chronicles, are happy to photograph & describe what can be accomplished when Just Plain Americans make a plan & focus on accomplishing goals.  We can be bigger than the sum of our parts if we really want to . . .
There’s a lotta more pix on my blog http://annoyingvoice.spaces.live.com/default.aspx 
My hero, Kermit the FROG, did his part, along with Miss Piggy & Fozzy Bear & all the Muppets, organized another Rebuild on TV.  It’s not easy being green but it is rewarding.  Opal K9 OTJ
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