Okey. Dokey.  Opie . . . says GrandSire . . . Now see here.  Earth Day is a’comin.  Says so right here in print.  You gotta get your domain ready for this momentous event. 
Well I’m not much for reading the paper.  Newspaper’s not very paw-friendly.  I put the web address in my  browser so I could see what the fuss was all about.
To be sure we want to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can.  We want to be good citizens so as to make GrandSire proud.  We figure as how we could purchase a new refrigerator since ours is 20 HY old.  Yikes that’s pretty old so it’s prolly pretty energy inefficient.  Mymi gave me the task of following up on the project . . . so I did.
I went to  Read the instructions.  A lotta words.  Checked out the links.  Printed instructions so we’ll know just what to do to qualify for rebates & other good deals. 
& we gotta have some idea just what we want.  Myself, personally, I don’t care for water out of the refer door when pool water’s just as good.  Ice cubes not my cuppa tea.  So I scrolled through all the options & choices available keeping in mind the nature & character of my family & our needs.
There’s large national chain stores & smaller local stores on the approved list of suppliers.  But they gotta be approved to deliver the new unit & haul away our old clunker so we be sure to qualify.  We don’t possess the necessary equipment to haul it ourselves.
We gotta download & print the proper rebate form & make sure we complete our transaction within the timeframe as outlined in the Rules & Links. 
I’m sure glad Mymi gave me this responsibility so we’re adequately prepared.  It’s a lotta work & sometimes she’s not so good with follow through.  I wanna be sure to do our part & participate in Earth Day.  It’s not that easy being Green.  Just call me Kermit the Dog.  OpalK9 OTJ
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