It is our ordinary custom, Mymi & me, to patrol our neighborhood, checking out the situation from our domain to GrandSire’s & back.  We go to the park.  I chit-chat with chipmunks.  Schmooz with the squirrels.  Twitter with Twitter Mates, birds in the trees.  It’s a big park & I gotta check it all out.
Mymi says howdy, howdy to others in the park.  Grandparents pushing kiddies on swings & catching them going down slides.  Playground equipment is colorful & pretty but I’m like all insecure on the downward slope & slippery.  Mymi phones up GrandSire telling him we’re on our way to the Pond.
Then we walkies past more domains resembling our own, cross a busy street where I must be sure & follow Road Rules & stay within the yellow lines.  Then there’s a long parkway past Jesus’s House of Worship & Education Center.  Lotsa trees to bark up & wildlife to engage. 
As we approach the grand entrance to GrandSire’s domain, I must leash up in order to make a polite entrance & greet people inside.  Most days, we look up in the window above the entry & see a big Smiley Face.  He always gives us a big smile & waves.  Often times, he points us out to his Mate on the other side of the window.  It’s reassuring to see My Friend in the Window.  He’s like my Facebook Friend cause I don’t really know him, just his image. 
On a particularly grand & glorious morning last week, we discovered My Friend in the Window sitting in his rolling chair in the AutoPark of the Pond.  He was discussing this & that with another of GrandSire’s neighbors, also reclining in a rolling chair. 
My Friend in the Window said to his companion . . . Why looky here.  It’s OpalK9.  I sure enjoy seeing you arrive & depart from our domain.  It looks like a lotta fun to run as fast as you can & roll in the grass. 
I approached My Friend tho he wasn’t in the Window this time.  He petted my head & scratched behind my ears & we did Paw Touch.  Now we aren’t just Facebook Friends anymore. 
It’s nice to make new friends & I’m glad I bring a smile to someone’s face & happy thoughts.  That’s the Joy of the Run & the Roll & the Scratch.  OpalK9 OTJ
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