Sunday past being Easter & all, we got on our best Go 2 Meeting finery & headed to the Farm for Easter Egg Roll to help Jesus find his pathway Home Again.
This Egg Roll bidness has been going on a long time & requires family gatherings to proceed.  Me, Mymi & GrandSire hooked up with Doc’s family @ the domain of Doc’s littermate, Delta Smelt.  Delta Smelt’s Farm is much closer to our domain but they don’t have 10 big white dogs & 15 horses.  Just a couple of dogs & cats.  I was on my best Easter behavior to be civil to cats . . . but indeed I was the guest. 
So anyway this egg rollin’ bidness delights children of all ages, big & small.  After a fine meal of brunchy sorta food, it was the responsibility of the youngest pups to find the Easter Eggs hidden about the Farm.  Easter Eggs come in many colors of the rainbow.   They are made of plastic so they crack open neatly for easy reuse.  Easter Eggs contain candy & other goodies that make kiddies want to crack the Easter Eggs open.   When the candy is removed & consumed, the Easter Eggs are recycled & contain the Virtual Jesus so he can find his way Home Again to his Father in Heaven
When you stop & think about it, it’s quite slick & efficient how it all works.  Still doesn’t tell me tho which came 1st, Jesus or the Egg.
This Jesus fellow is quite curious.  He was a teacher & on summer break, he was a carpenter & fisherman but he didn’t even have a laptop or iPad or other useful teaching tools.  I searched him on Facebook but couldn’t find the One cause there’s so many Jesuses on Facebook.  PLUS without a laptop or iPad, social networking was seriously challenged & He left his blogging to others after he returned Home Again.  Silly Jesus.  If you know your purpose, your job’s never done.
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