I know springtime is coming cause the Stars are comin’ out for Season X of DWTS.  Last week 11 new Glitterati were introduced & already the competition is fierce.  Which Illuminati will go back to obscurity tonight?
Shannon – Not Ready for Prime Time & (confidentially) she’s Rhymically Challenged. 
Pamela’s got more talent than 1 would expect but she ought not upstage the team that’s on the podium.  Not good manners.
ESPN Erin’s got the moves for a sport.  We’ll see if she can translate into the Dance.
Bachelor Jake, now spoken for, can take the pilot seat any ol’ time.
Funny Girl Niecy got Fox Trot wid AT-titude.  She’s pretty funny too in her strawberry slurpie costume.  She’ll prolly hang around a while just cause she’s got an infectious smile (for a human).
Astronaut Buzz proves DWTS is not Rocket Science.  It’s much harder.
Aiden could loosen up a bit & Chad 85 looks very elegant if he could just translate football grace onto the dance floor.
Kate, less 8, obviously got a serious attack of the jitters.  Ya wouldn’t think a single mother of 8 could be intimidated by a glitter ball & a cha-cha. 
Figure skater Evan is used to performing alone on the ice rink.  The challenge for him is to develop Team Player skills.  He faced pretty tough odds in Vancouver.  We, here @ Todo Chronicles, think he’ll be around the dance floor for a while.
PCD Nicole (IMO) stole the show Round 1 & 2.  She got the 1st 9 of the season week 1 & 2 10s in Round 2.  She could be a natural.  She works really hard.
I’m so excited, don’t know whether to sit or go blind.  The anticipation is killin’ me.  If you need me you know where I’ll be tonight.  Biting my nails right down to the pad.  OpalK9 OTJ
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