OMG!  OpalK9 . . . says GrandSire in his most excited enthusiasm.  I wood’na believed it if I had’na seen it for myself.  The Blue Party got it together & passed health care reform
My letter writing campaign to Michael Steele and the Party of Nope prolly didn’t do much to foster a spirit of candid cooperation & fiscal responsibility.  The Party of Nope still voted Nope for Nope’s sake. 
I’m all for fiscal responsibility & conservative budgetary practices as you well know OpalK9.  But where was the Fiscal Prudery during the Admin of W when the elected officials & people sent to Congress to know better & debate the issues on merit passed:
    2 Unfunded Tax Cuts (Let ’em eat cake); 
    Unfunded S-Chip Bill for childrens’ health care (let states sort it out);
    Unfunded NCLB (let states sort it out);
    Holey funded prescription drug coverage for Seniors (leave Seniors holding the bag);
    an Unfunded & Unfinished war in Afghanistan (Not on my watch); and
    a 2nd Unfunded War in Iraq which was a personal grudge on the part of the Pres & todolly a conflict of interest on the part of the Pres of Vice who btw still can’t shut up about his complicity in the whole shabby affair (Beware the M/I Complex).
    Turned a budget surplus into record deficits (a house of cards fueled with plastic);
    Dismantled rules of the road & common sense regulation for financial institutions.  I gotta tell ya, OpalK9.  I useta think govmint is the problem.  The Gipper said Govmint can’t do anything right & he set about to prove it.  But now I just think maybe the Masters of the Universe & Money Moguls & Wall Street Wizards just don’t want to be bothered by the inconvenience of rules which they might have to be held accountable to.  Maybe the Gipper didn’t know what he was talking about.  I’m tossing my calendars and other Gipper keep sakes. 
My friends & neighbors, here on the Pond, thought that health care reform doesn’t make much difference.  They didn’t pay much attention to the debate.  That’s a mighty long hallway I gotta navigate to knock on doors & spread the good news.  Health care reform is now law.  I sure hope the Dems don’t waffle in the months to come while structure & implementation gets all sorted out.
It’s been nice chattin’ with you, OpalK9.  I gotta go.
& with that he was off down the hall with a wave of his Star Spangled Banner cane.  I guess an old dog can learn new thing or 2.  OpalK9 OTJ
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