Humans have a saying . . . well they gotta lotta sayings, but 1 particularly comes to mind right now.  To err is human is what they keep sayin’ over & over again.
So any rational critter would think words like
    I made a mistake or
    that didn’t go so well or
    this coulda been better or
    let’s make some adjustments or
    we could approach this from another perspective
    let’s tweak it here & make it work better or
    gimme 5 minutes to reconsider 
might spring more easily from the mouths of humans who after all revere words so highly & have a vast array & endless options of words to utilize.  But no.  All ya hear is:
    I am right.  U R wrong.  Why can’t you get that through your head?  or
    Some other Dude did it or
    We didn’t know.
    Not my fault.
    They don’t represent our intention.
    We don’t believe it therefore it ain’t so.
    We disagree with . . . everything & just to prove it let’s rewrite the textbooks just to make sure.
Ya know I thought I made a mistake but I was just not right.  OpalK9 OTJ
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