Earthquake in Haiti.  200,000+ lives lost.  Property damage in the billions or trillions.  Does it matter?
Stronger earthquake in Chili.  Significantly fewer human lives lost.  No counting the other critters’ lives lost.  Property damages estimates . . . not in yet.
Snow in the Northeast not seen for decades or centuries.  Who’s counting?  Transportation corridors @ a standstill.  Aircraft circling airports.  Then they finally touch down 90 miles from the destination only to refuel & proceed onward.  Passenger inconvenience staggering.   
Windstorms knock down power lines & trees blown into residences.  Rooflines sag under the weight.   Property damage not accounted for as yet.   Thousands of citizens & customers without power for days & days.
Rain storms on the eastern seaboard inundate cities & countryside alike.  More rain in the Mid West.  Too much rain.  Overflowing rivers & floodplains.  Topping the levees & temporary sandbag brigades.  Making a muddy mucky mess of communites & neighborhoods.  Where does it end?
Drought in the southwest.  SoCA nearly outta water & so dry the whole region has burned up a time or 2 in recent memory.  Then, tuh-duh, gallons & buckets of rain falling on slopes & hillsides void of vegetation from fires of a season or 2 ago.  Then ground saturation causes slopes to slide into backyards & on major thoroughfares & scenic routes.  Statics go on & on.
Prescious fuel hidden away from easy pickins.  Down deep in the earth where its difficult & expensive to obtain.  & when it’s burned, so inconveniently leaving waste & residue behind nobody knows what to do with the waste.
Buzzillions spent by getaway places & destination vacation Shangri-Las promising warm, sunny skies & clean beaches forever.  Umbrella drinks for all brought down by inclement weather.
What’s next . . . volcanic erruption?  Scheew Doggies.  Sometimes Mother Nature can’t do anything right.  Good thing I’m wearin’ the Green today.  OpalK9 OTJ
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