Didja hear the latest dangerous & subversive conspiracy theory?  It’s shocking.  It’s outrageous.  & we’re not gonna take it. 
Humans chit-chat & jabber about all sorts of irrelevancies & unimportancies alike.  They assign lame names & blame for this & that.  Mostly it goes right over us dogs’ heads cause we don’t really give a fig about nukie lur options or socialist plots. 
Dangerous discussion now turns to an issue todolly relevant to the K9 Korner of AnimalPlanet.com.  I’m talking about the todolly arbitrary & capricious movement afoot to demote Pluto from a planet. 
Ever since I been a self-respecting off-spring of Great Todo here on AnimalPlanet.com, PlanetPluto has been a planet.  That’s the way it’s always been.   Great Todo said it.  I believe it & that’s that. 
If PlanetPluto gets demoted & reclassified down to space junk that happens to be regularly circling our sun, what happens to all the generations of dogs that already returned to PlanetPluto after serving their purpose here on AnimalPlanet.com?  & where will future generations of dogs go when their time is up.  Huh?
Leave PlanetPluto alone.  Just cause humans want to reinvent & reclassify it don’t make it so.  Come on K9 Nation.  Take back our planet.  This is too important a decision to permit humans to go it alone.  It goes right to the heart K9 beliefs, character & identity. 
I know.  Let’s start a Kibble Party Movement.  We could string kibble & bones & tags & other K9 paraphanalia on collars.  & march around fire hydrants & bark Take our Planet back.   OpalK9 OTJ
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