PS:-)  GrandSire sends his regards.  He ‘lowzazhow, if it’s all the same to you he’ll keep his money in his pocket & make it grow by folding it over.  GrandSire says Pass health care reform NOW.
GrandSire crunched the numbers.  He says we’re gonna go broke without healthcare reform NOW.  GrandSire doesn’t take this issue lightly as it was his job after all, to crunch numbers & figure out how to assess & underright risk in the property insurance industry which isn’t so different than assessing risk in any type of bidness. 
GrandSire’s gotta pretty good track record too as an astute investor.  At least he managed to not be distracted by the Easy $, If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t trying hard enough crowd of Bernie Madoffs & other Ponzi Artists.  So if he says continuing down the path of Status Quo is just bad bidness . . . well I’m gonna take his word for it.
But GrandSire too thanks you for the opportunity to contribute ideas & opinions.  You’re justa swell fellow, Mr Chair.  We wish you alla the best devising strategies & schemes to win hearts & minds & elections.  U R gonna need it.  OpalK9 OTJ
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