The Olympics are over.  Time to extinguish the torch.  Team USA took the most medals of any other country participating in the competition.  U S A.  Yes we can. 
Can you imagine, tho, if Bode & Lindsey & Julia stood at the top of the ski run looking down & said  . . . This run is too long.   Let’s not do this today.   What if Apolo looked out on the rink & said to himself . . . That ice is too hard.  It’s too complicated to try.   
But they didn’t.  They didn’t seek permission from corporate sponsors to do good & excell.  They just did it.  Go Team U S A.  Yes we can.
In my state, the great state of CA, we have an elected official who didn’t take no or it’s too hard & too complex for an answer either.  Mayor Gavin Newsom, Hizzoner & Mayor of the City by the Bay, didn’t wait for permission to do his best & excell & btw, do right by his constituents, residents & voters who elected him.  As a result, the City by the Bay has some of the most progressive policies & programs in the country.  Policies like:
    universal health care (do I smell Public Option?)
    pre-school for all 4 HYO residents of the city;
    a murder rate equal to the 1960 (yikes that’sa long time ago)
    an unemployment rate of 9.4% in a state with over 13% joblessness;
    a dynamic economy & a paid sick leave ordinance;
    improved test scores in the schools;
    a rainy day fund in the budget;
    energy efficiency ordinances.
WOW.  Whadda track record.  Imagine if Hizzoner had waited for outside leadership & permission from the state legislature or Capital Hill.  Yes we can! 
These concepts are not overwhelming & overly complex.  They aren’t mutually exclusive either.  These things can be accomplished if we set about our purpose & don’t allow ourselves to be defeated by empty phrases & fearful rhetoric. 
When members of Congress sit @ a table & repeat over & over again, it’s too hard.  It’s too complex & too big.  We can’t take a chance.  We don’t wanna do it.  The American people have said Let’s start over again . . . well they just aren’t listening to the right sources.  They don’t know what they think they know & shame on them for not listening. 
I’m really glad we have Can Do athelets & elected officials outside DC that don’t misrepresent themselves & the American people.  Yes we can.  Get outta the way if you can’t enhance the effort.  The American people, voters & taxpayers deserve better than that.
I know.  I know.  I’m just a dog.  No horse in the race.  I’m just sayin . . .
Go Team USA.  OpalK9 OTJ
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