I was quite busy over the long weekend attending to all the contests & competitions on the TV machine.  I didn’t hardly have time to notice no email from Mymi ’til I received my portrait from My Spa & Resort (attached).  Definitely not my best side.
I knew something was up when the VOG from the office announced OpalK9 Go 2 Grooming.  Well don’tcha know.  I hadda pack up my laptop real quick.  That’s usually a que . . . I’m going home. 
I got all fluffed & blow dried.  Nails manicured.  Tooth floss & other dental attention.  No kerchief this time which is OK by me.  Mymi & GrandSire picked me up & I was so excited.  Mymi said the ISP in the Valley of Casinos & Bling was down. That’s why no messages.  She said they had a real grand time nonetheless.
She told me all the adventures of the weekend like taking Quits & Tootsie Roll to the playground.  Everyone was having a dandy time in the sunshine.  Sliding & swinging.  Running & jumping.  A hoot & a hollar.  The kiddies got an extra special treat when a APeer arrived in a battery operated 4 wheel drive boonie crasher replica. 
APeer was approximately the same age as Quits.   He circled the playground so everyone knew he’d arrived.  Parked the GrandParents in the sunshine.  Directed said GrandParents to watch a sibling in a stoller.  APeer very generously offered everyone a ride around the playground.   He only ran into playground objects few times which is pretty good for a driver 3 HYO.  Each time his GrandDam told him very sternly to watch where he was going & off he went again.  If he’d only had a cell phone in his hand he’d have looked like every other distracted driver on the road. 
The purpose of Mymi’s trip to the Valley of Casinos & Bling was to celebrate the birthdates of Quits & Tootsie Roll.  Much effort & planning, expense & investment was directed toward this goal.  Quits & Tootsie Roll were quite happy to be strapped in their car seats for the trip across the Valley to the Kiddie Kung Fu Party Place.  They looked forward to the party & learning a new skill.  Tootsie Roll was so excited she barfed all over the back seat of the Family Ark before arriving at the appointed location. 
I know something about nerves & barfing all over the back seat of a car.  Been there myself.  The mess was cleaned up & Mymi & Tootsie Roll made a side trip to the store to purchase appropriate pink gear for a princess to learn Kung Fu in.  No one was worse for the wear.  Quits & Tootsie Roll got lotsa presents & learned to kick the bag.  Skills I’m sure they will use in the future.   OpalK9 OTJ
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