Super Bowl Sunday is so exciting dontcha think.  This year Who Dats & Hoosiers battle it out in the Super Dome.  Sight of great misery & catastrophe not so long ago. 
What a great way to showcase the can do spirit & resiliancy of a city.  What a great way to showcase the generosity & focus of team members, fans, citizens & voters to come together & rebuild. 
I been reading & hearing all week about the give back efforts of Who Dats in NOLA.  Football stars & celebrities from the flooded out & flattened region notso long ago.  & the efforts of sports stars now playing for the competition 
Wouldn’t it be ducky if insurance companies & banks & big oil & other corporate interests presumed too big to fail & bailed out by regular folk like you & me (well not me cause I’m only a dog.  I got mine no matter which way you slice it) could see the benefit of reinvesting in the country that already made a few fabulously & obsely wealthy. 
Who Dats & Hoosiers show that we can have competitive spirit & constructive comraderie.  No matter who wins, everybody benefits & feels good.  It’s a win/win. 
Myself, personally, tho, if it was a musical competition, well I’d hafta go wit’da Who Dats.  Opalk9 OTJ
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