Oh woe is me.  It’s raining again.  I never saw so much rain & wind.  It’s cutting off my circulation.  Mymi doesn’t like to walkies in this kind of weather.  Think I’ll just stay in my warm dry domain another day.
Of course, the weather inconveniences a lotta PPL.  Power lines are down in the wind.  Leaf clogged gutters are backing water into yards & homes.  Traffic can’t whiz 80 mph over the summit cause of snow & white out conditions.  Lotta auto accidents & you gotta chain up over the summit.  Whatta bummer.
But winter sports enthusiasts are delighted & we do need the rain.  So it ain’t all bad here no matter how bleak it is.
When you think about it tho, compared with the situation in Haiti:
    inadequate housing now rubble;
    no schools or education;
    no houses of worship;
    no food;
    no water;
    public facilities & institutions in shambles;
    air- & seaports logjammed.  No way to distribute incoming aid & relief supplies;
    no heavy equipment to remove rubble & search for survivors or bury the dead;
    bare essential medical supplies running out & facilities of a MASH unit.  They’ve quit counting the dead & now practice medical triage . . . attend to those most likely to make it.  Try to make those that probably won’t as comfortable as possible.
Sorta makes you wonder why Americans are willing to surrender the ability to consider & analyze to a few Corporate Talking Heads; accept less than a world class education for all; squabble about who’s to blame for global climate change; debate & dither over healthcare reform; & compromise an image of leadership in the global community just to prove a point.  We got it pretty good here when you stop & look around.  Let’s not let complacency be Public Enemny #1.  OpalK9 OTJ
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