On the occasion of the 665th K9Y marking GrandSire’s birthdate, we hadda attend a celebration @ the Pond.  There was cake & ice cream, yellow clowns & balloons.  Music & dancing . . .  slow dancing not hip-hop.  We sang Happy Birthdate.  Happy Birthdate.  Happy Birthdate  2 U.  Everybody clapped & barked.  It was a dandy time.
GrandSire said . . . Thank you.  Thank you.  I’ll be able to vote next time around.
That GrandSire.  He’s such a kidder.
The situation in Haiti is nothing to kid about.  The situation in Haiti is terribly dire.  This is the moment & the hour for Americans to demonstrate can do ingenuity & democratic charity.
Our President has summoned the tremendous generosity & compassion of the American people with a mobilization of American search & rescue, relief & rebuilding in the future.  We can put away petty bickering & snarking.  We can come together to get the job done.  We can do it if we’ve a mind to.
    Vice President Biden to meet with Haitian community in FL & help put them in touch with friends & family & decide how the community can help;
    Secretary of State Clinton returned from foreign travels to reach out to the the Haitian gov’mint;
    USAID mobilizing for long term relief & rebuilding led by new director Rajiv Shah;
    President Barko Bama has reached out to Former Presidents Clinton & W to lend their considerable organizal skills to the relief efforts.  W can be a good dog if properly directed & motivated;
    LA County Urban Search & Rescue (CA knows a lot about earthquake search & rescue, earthquake damage & repair, earthquake building standards which will be helpful in the future rebuilding of Haiti);
    Doctors without Borders & inflatible hospitals;
    Miami/Dade County Search & Rescue & the US Marines;
    US Navy Floating Hospital Ship Comfort & US Aircraft Carrier Carl Vincent;
    US 182nd Airborn Division;
    American text messaging carriers Verizon, TMobile & AT&T suspend fees for texting donations to the Haitian Relief Fund;
    American Red Cross raised $8M in relief through social networking sites & text messaging Haiti to 90999 in 2 days.  Isn’t that awesome?
    a little closer to home, my Cuzzin Otis has 2 adoptive sisters from Haiti.  They recommend and as great organizations to support the children who are left without parents & families to care for them because of the terrible disaster Haiti has suffered.
Americans are at their very best united in great enterprise, extending a helping hand & charitable heart & solving the great challenges of the times. 
FWIW:  If I was a Red-Blooded American patriot, I would not be happy to have my character portrayed as the mean-spirited & narrow-minded political grandstander of a Rush Limbaugh.  If I was a person of faith, any faith or none, I would not wish my faith & generosity portrayed by the likes of the Rev Pat Robertson who presumes to speak for God’s judgment of the Haitian people.  There’s Snowball in Hades for that kind of compassion.  They have the right to silence.  They should use it more often. 
But @ the end of the day, I’m neither of those, I’m just a dog.  I’m just sayin’ . . . OpalK9  OTJ
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