Down here, I’m just another dog.  & I’m OK with that.  I was put here for a purpose & I know that purpose.  Just doin’ my job.
‘Course there’ve been changes & adjustments in my journey.  I todolly didn’t know I’d be a Bloggin’ Dog with 806 messages my SentBox, my own email account.  I track what I said. 
Back in the day, the beginning of my story, I was a mere adolescent, still wet behind the ears.  Socially awkward & skeptical of words.  Insecure & unsure . . .
My story began when I got blown away Eastward from CA to a strange & unfamiliar land called FL which is definitely not CA, if you know what I mean.  The most dangerous critters in FL were FOXNewsHounds, Pundits & Savants. People said . . . Watch out for the Gaters.  They could eat you, OpalK9.  But Gaters have boisterous voices & obvious orange faces.  They’re not so ferocious & threatening to me.
I learned a lotta things along my journey from there to here.  GrandSire presently residents in my neighborhood.  I road shotgun to bring him safely upon the Yellow Brick Road to CA.  He’s a Left-Coast Liberal after all much to his surprise.  Cause he was pretty seriously into FOXNewsHounds, Pundits & Savants.  
I learned that FOXNewsHounds, Pundits & Savants are not necessiarily indigenous to FL.  They’re everywhere on TV & other media outlets.  Twisting & spinning & blowing events & circumstances all outta proportion.  Words are sacred to humans cause they think words separate humans from other critters on  But words are weapons in the human existance.  Most divisive & distractive & generally causing humans to lose focus & forget their purpose.
When I got blown away eastward, guiding & assisting Mymi, I didn’t have a BFF list, a Facebook or Twitter account.  Now I know friends & family across the nation, from the Edge of America to the Golden State of CA, my home state.  I learned the meaning of home.  There’s no place like home.  My contact list has changed over time.  I want to say good-bye to Orson Bassett.  RIP.  Some things must change over time.
Down here, I’m just another dog.  & I’m still OK with that even tho it’s been 3 HY of Todo Chronicles & Bloggin’ Dog.  I was put here for a purpose & I know that purpose.  Just doin’ my job. Some things never change.  OpalK9 OTJ
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