2010 OR 2010

To begin the new HY on the right foot, we went for Walkies headed to GrandSire’s domain.  Which is nothing unusual.  Sometimes it’s good to observe routine.
We passed thru the park where I played chatter & chase with squirrels & chipmunks braving the gray NY Day.  Then we moved on towards GrandSire’s.   We hit the paws button upon spying litter on the street it being Trash Day in our neighborhoods in addition to being NY day 2010. 
I pointed the box out to Mymi & diplomatically suggested we pick it up & put it in the proper receptacle which suggestion was taken in the manner in which it was put forth.  But alas when we picked the box up, we found it was not empty.  It contained goos & gunks in the amount of $125 & a shipping statement.
We knew the address was just around the corner in the opposite direction from GrandSire’s but we decided to be Good Samaritans & deliver the box to the door.  It’s the neighborly thing to do to return something clearly swiped from the porch by vandals.
Then we continued on to GrandSire’s where we promptly explained the situation to GrandSire.  GrandSire said . . . That’s OK, OK9.  You’re a good dog & sometimes it’s OK to get distracted from your purpose just as long as you’re a good neighbor @ the end of the day.
Now, then . . . said GrandSire,  you can be of further assistance to me OpalK9 if you would proceed to the Post Office & purchase postage so I can mail my response to political funding requests I receive daily in snail-mail.  I just mark on the Membership Renewal Notice . . . No funding enclosed.  Vote 4 Healthcare Reform. 
With Congress dithering & distracted about Xmas Day Underpants Bombers & who is mas macho on terrorism & how we gonna fund jobs & economic recovery & what is the fashionable color of $ this year & USA Image Polishing in the Global Community, I just hope they don’t miss the major debate of hysterical significance . . . Should the new HY be referred to as Two Thousand & Ten or should it be called 2010?  You be the judge.  OpalK9 OTJ
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