Opal…nice finish to a tough year… now sit-stay!  Warrendoggy Hot
Seems like just yesterday I was killin’ time @ my Retreat & Spa.  Photoshoppin’ TG puppies pix from Doc’s Ranch.  & well I didn’t even get complete that task when Mymi overloaded my Inbox to with new pix of Xmas in the Valley of Casinos & Bling.  Awesome responsibilities. 
Before I knew it; & before I completeded those tasks, more pix came to my Inbox.  Pix of the landscape unimiagined in the Valley of Casinos & Bling.  I just don’t get why humans spend guzzillions to image other landscapes & homes when they spend equal amounts & more to mess up what’s right under their noses.  Doesn’t seem like wise expenditure of limited resources to me . . . a mere dog.  When you get to the bottom of a hole . . . quit digging.  I know something about digging holes.
& then, just when I was catching up, almost ready to take a breather from non-stop Photoshopping, the VOG @ my Retreat said OpalK9 . . . pack your laptop.  Go to Grooming.   Your Retreat is over.  Go home.
I was so excited I didn’t know whether to Sit or Go Blind. 
So I been tending to my usual duties & responsibilties.  Walkies.  Patrolling my neighborhood.  Pmailing my buddies & BFFS.  Sniffing out the situation.  Guiding & assisting GrandSire.  In addition to photoshopping all the pix.  Awesome responsibilities.  A dog’s work is never done.
Now it’s time to bid adieu to Y2K’s.  The decade of OMG; on-demand; IMing; Facebook & Twitter.  Where does the time go? 
Perhaps a new decade will bring new perspective to humans struggling to sort it out.  Asking probing questions like R we alone in the Universe?  What’re the limits of human capactiy?  Will we arrive @ Infinity & Beyond anytime soon?
Myself, personally, if I were the Creator, One-Source & Originator of the Universe, I wouldn’t let humans off this planet until they learn to pick up their room, share & be grateful for what got right here on AnimalPlanet.com.  Before I’d consider colonization of solar systems, exploration & exploitation of galaxies, improving heretofore unknown planets & generally upsetting the order of things far far away. 
There’s lotsa more pix on my blog http://annoyingvoice.spaces.live.com
Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope the 20Teens bring satisfaction & a new measure of success & prosperity.  After the Y2K race to the bottom, we’ve got nowhere to go but UP.  OpalK9 OTJ
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