No one seems to realize that we do have the best health care system if you are white and upper middle class or better. Therefore, why change? If you are just average white or mudpeople you don’t contribute much, if at all, to campaign funds and really don’t deserve anything. Once this is understood, it all becomes very clear. Ghost, Sox, Brownie, Rose, Rebbie, and Re.

WOW !!!! You have a GREAT way with words on this one!!!!! AMEN…..AMEN…..When will SOMEONE wake up & do SOMETHING?????? What does "yes, we can mean"???? Yes, we can what????? No one seems to be doing ????? Does the most powerful nation in the world just keep "sitting on its hands" making one excuse after another & acting "surprised" at the condition of the ENTIRE nation???? Just how many billions do the "fat cats" need??? We the people are out of $$$$’s & time !!!!!  Act now or?????? Mr. President, if you want cahnge then MAKE it happen…..STEP UP TO THE PLATE & LEAD !!!! Thought you were going to be different????? I for one don’t see any cahnge….Just the same ‘ol politics floundering with no leader for this nation while the "same ‘ol corporate buddies" line their pockets with $$$$$$$$,s at the expense of our nation!!!!! GMama & Annie



Dear Mr President Barko Bama:(
Who died & made Joe Lieberman King?
I get that the majority party in Congress & the White House is large & diverse.  With a range of opinions & options from Uber Liberal to Conservadim.  Often compared to  . . . herding cats.
Well I know a thing or two about herding cats.  It’s demanding & thankless.   But it’s my job after all. 
We all expected the minority party, the opposition party in the immediate past election, the Party of No, to oppose.  To adhere to  tired Party Lines & talking points memos.  To smear & demonize.  To attack individuals instead of addressing issues.  To distract & deflect public focus.  To strike fear wherever.  To basically conduct bidness as usual.  No one really expected much better from the Party of Nope. 
We, here @ Todo Chroncles, & ordinary Americans who voted for you, Pres Barko Bama, & your party in the past election are starting to become a bit weary of calls for bi-partisian ship & mutual agreement on the largely looming big issues. 
Health care 4 all.   Global Climate Crisis.  The economy & jobs.  Asset management & resource allocation.  Those are the same problems as when you campaigned for change.  With party in-fighting on each & every step in the process we don’t hold much hope of seeing any improvement within the foreseeable future.  This ain’t no party at all for ordinary Americans.
I get that you inherited a big fat mess from your predecessor.  A big fat mess that no one in high places even knew existed until practically the eve of the election.  I get that Congress permitted itself to be herded & cajoled into a rush to judgment.  I get that you inherited 2 wars that the previous administration failed to finish.  I get that jobs were disappearing long before anyone bothered to notice.  While bankers & Wall Street Fat Cats ran the national economy & security off a cliff.  I get all that. 
I also get that the Medical/Industrial Complex & Insurance Cartel still pretty much run the show & that ordinary Americans have to apologize when they get sick or injured for presuming to collect on health insurance promises they’ve been paying on forever.  For costing the Medical/Industrial Complex & Insurance Cartel a smidgeon of obscene corporate profits & fat cat bonuses.  That women have to apologize & pay more for healthcare because they are women, the bearers of future generations & as such they might also have health care complexities that would deduct from obese corporate profits.  When did the focus of health care cease to be cure the sick, heal the injured & comfort the dying & become organized crime?
I also get that Americans have to pay 10x more for prescription drugs than any other industrialized nation on  They have to cringe & apologize & pay vastly more should their PCP prescribe brand name drugs.  That’s what they go to the dr. for . . . expert opinion & professional services.   In order to maintain fat cats like Joe Lieberman in office & the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed & ensure his mate remains on the board of directors of Big Pharma & the Medical/Industrial Complex.  No conflict of interest there.  & that your party failed to step up to the plate & vote for pharmaceutical & healthcare reforms.
While Congress bitches & bickers, splits infinitives & bandies about terms like Public Option & Competition the real discussion remains centered on Wealth Care 4 the Insurance Cartel not how can all citizens get access to the best health care system in the world.  The best health care system in the world isn’t much good if no one gets services.   Not saving lives if there is no service. 
Congress seems just to have noticed skyrocketing deficits when they thought only last year that double-entry bookkeeping meant keeping 2 sets (@ a minimum) of books & didn’t worry much about footing the bill for 2 wars, bad bidness decisions on Wall Street, crisis of credit & confidence, mortgage foreclosure crisis & shipping jobs off to 3rd World Countries.
What happened to All Hands On Deck.  Change we can believe in?  Yes we can.  What happened to Healthcare Reform is a moral imperative? It’s time for another Jeremiah Wright Moment of Clarity.  Who the hell died & made Joe Lieberman King anyhow?  OpalK9 OTJ
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