Looky here OpalK9 . . . says GrandSire.  I was riding shotgun with GrandSire & Mymi.  I hadda sniff out the way to the dr’s office so they could get their H1N1 shots.  I had all my shots so I didn’t need that 1.  Besides they don’t shoot dogs for pig flu.  Humans insist on no inter-species fratenization.  They’re pretty rigid about that sorta thing.
Anyway GrandSire says to me . . . Looky here, Opalk9.  Did you see the PrayerCast on TV?  Senators & Congressmen & Activist Ecumenicals shoutin’ & prayin’ & advocating overthrow of healthcare reform.  Didja see that spectacle on TV, OpalK9.  It’s downright Sack Religions, that’s what it is.  Why do we have a do-nothin’ Congress anyway?
Well I dunno much about Sacks or Religions, GrandSire.  Great Todo didn’t give us dogs big fancy words & high minded ideas to box one another about the head & ears with.  Great Todo just said Know your purpose. Go forth & do good on AnimalPlanet.com.  Do the right thing.
I can tell ya, tho GrandSire, that from where I sit, usually riding shotgun or on the floor of whatever domain I happen to be occupyin’ @ any given time, that from all appearances the 3 main contributing factors to human profitable pontification & self-satisfied smuggery are, in no particular order:
    organized sports,
    organized crime &
    organized religion.
OpalK9 OTJ
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