Amen   GMama & Annie
W is such a moron. He and cheney should be tried for felony stupidity, at the least.  Team Rockyford
GrandSire . . . I said to GrandSire . . . on this Day of Infamy, the 68th HY since Pearl Harbor Attack, which brought the US into to WWII, your war, whaddaya think of the President’s speech?  Whaddaya think about sending additional troops to Afghanistan? 
GrandSire pondered a bit & he said . . . I wish we didn’t have to send more young people over there & spend more money that we don’t have.  But I don’t see other, better solutions.  I fear we started something we failed to finish.  It’s a sad situation.  At the end of the day, probly no one will win & the best we can hope is to declare peace & get out.
Sad but true, GrandSire.  W’s 6-Gun Diplomacy, My way or the highway, You’re either with us or you’re a traitor, Bumper-sticker & sound-bite philosophy made it so easy for Congresss to dither & deny, shrug & generally forget it’s purpose which is to sort out the big issues & make decisions that are right for the country.  Not pursue personal agendas @ home & abroad.   Congress got so busy sticking its collective head in the sand & minding other bidness it didn’t have time to figure out war financing or other issues pertinent to anything about making this country whole & functional.  Congress fumbled the ball because no one wanted to accept blame for 911.
W’s personal grudge against Iraq made it so simple to forget our purpose for going into Afghanistan.  Made it so simple to take our eye off the ball.  Made it so simple & easy to believe our cause so righteous we could disregard any other consideration, spend trillions of $ without a plan or strategy.  Just throw a lotta $ around & make it all better.
While Congress dithered & bickered & played political football, the citizens & voters took a vacation from hard choices.  Throwing up paws & saying . . . That’s just politics in DC.  Got nothin’ to do with me.  Too complex.  Let someone else sort it out. 
The fox has been guarding the henhouse for quite a while now.  Is it any wonder we’re missing a few chickens?  
I know.  I know.  I’m just a dog.  but how many times are we going to arrive @ this same fork without reading the signs clearly marking the way?
OpalK9 OTj
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