Now that Thanksgiving & Turkey Bidness is outta the way, I gotta git into the Xmas spirit, the greatest saving event every HY. 
OpalK9, I said to myself said I, don’t get carried away & spend beyond your means.  With that bit of wisdom in mind, I decided to spend my PetsmartCard bonus points which I been accruing for a long time.  How could a dog possibily go wrong spending cash back points already saved?
Here’s how it works. 
  apply for a card (or more if you’re feeling lucky;)
  swipe to purchase.  The more swipes the more points accrued
  PetsmartCard keeps track of the points earned
  when it’s time to spend bonus points, join our Rewards Club & view the dizzying array of merchandise, travel options & services, gift cards, do-dads & jimcracks available.  Rewards & riches are but a magical mouse click away.
  Select an item.  Hypothetically, let’s say the item costs $100 in my Bonus Club Cyber Catalogue.  My Bonus Club applies $10 worth of Bonus Points to the Card, includes a charge for shipping & handling & then I can just charge $90.59 for a $100 item.  Now that was easy . . . spending to save.
If I wasn’t such an optimitistic dog, I might be tempted to think that all the fuss & furor about who’s entitled to world class healtcare & education is really smoke screen & mirrors to camoflage the dumbing down of America so the average Joe the Bull & Jane the Ewe won’t ever figure out that Wall Street Bullies & Moguls, Titans of Insurance & Masters of the Universe really don’t give a fig about whether they live or whether they die.  Just be sure to leave all your worldly possessions right here in our pocket.  Let us help you spend to save.  OpalK9 OTJ
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