In a startling break from tradition, Mymi decided to spend Thanksgiving here in My Valley instead of the Valley of Casinos & Bling.  So I didn’t have to go to My Spa for the holiday.
I was like . . . Awright I’m all over it.  Maybe now I can investigate this Turkey Bidness.  Which I did sorta do just not the way I imagined. 
Mymi & GrandSire shared Thanksgiving tradition @ the domain of Doc’s Litter Mate, Doc’s family & friends.  Doc’s dam was there who is just about as many HY as GrandSire.  They are of another era.
Before they Mbarked on the trail to traditional holiday celebration, we went for Walkies along the River American.  I been picked up along the River American for Unleashful Walking.  But if you walk along the dirt path instead of the blacktop road, no one seems to mind an Uncurbed Dog. 
We shied away from walkies along the River American after we encountered Snakes on the Plane.  But Snake Season is over & we had great fun sniffing out the pathways & trails.  Even the wilderness changes over time.  It’s in my job description to familiarize myself with my surroundings so I know who belongs in my neighborhood & my community & who does not.
We encountered lotsa critters on the trail.  We saw deer & squirrels.  I played Chatter & Chase with squirrels.  We saw ladybugs & geese & a curious birdie perched on a snag caught in the middle of the River American.
I took lotsa swims.  The water is nice & cold & makes my fur clean & shiny.  I like swims. 
I saw turkies on our Walkies but Mymi, she’s such a spoil sport, said . . . No No OpalK9.  Don’t chase them. 
IMO . . . WTF?  They don’t look Threatened or Endangered.  They’re all over the place.   But I hadda be a good dog.  I didn’t earn my CGC for nutthin’ ya’ know.
While Mymi & GrandSire were gone to Turkey Dinner I had a lotta time on my paws for photoshopping all the pix we took on our Thanksgiving Day Walkies.  I put them up on my blog
How ’bout that Donny?  He grabbed the Glitterball.  Mymi thought that was great . . .  hope for the agility of Senior Citizens everywhere.
OpalK9 OTJ
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