Smile      Save the Whale

    Save the Snail
    Save the History Channel Dinosaur Chicken (Modern Science suggests birds are modern descendents of dinosaurs.  What will they think of next?)
    Save the Marsh Arab & Iraqi Wetland (who knew water was once abundant in the dessert?:(
    Save the Black Mamba, the Planet’s Most Misunderstood Snake (myself personally.  I don’t wanna understand any snake.  I’ll just let’em alone thank you very much.  I’m a live & let live sorta dog)
    Save the Polar Bear
    Save the Worker Bee from CCD
    Save the Bluefin Tuna which seems common as, well, Chicken of the Sea
    Save the Heritage Oak & CA Wetland which useta cover ’bout 90% of my valley.  Pull it up by the roots.  Get it outta here.  Put it over there in the dessert.  That’s outta the way.  Save the Giant Garter Snake & the Longhorn Elderberry Beetle.
     Save Abbott’s Booby (no todolly seriously.  Abbott’s Booby’s on the list)
    Save the African Wild Ass (all other asses fend for themselves)
    Save the Burrowing Owl & the AmazoniaN Rain Forest & Old Growth Forest
    Save the CA Giant Salamander & Condor, Bay Pea Crab & Freshwater Shrimp, the Jewelflower & Orcutt Grass, Red Tree Mouse & the Seabite.  Save the CA Taraxacum & Tiger Salamander
    Save the Cheetah (wasn’t 1 of them on DWTS?) & the Chimpanzee.
    Save the Coyote Ceonothus
    Save the Dwarf Loach (did Dr Seuss make that 1 up?)
    Save the Eared Quetzal & the Earless Toad
    Save the Everglade Snail Kite
    Save the FL Bog Frog & Bonneted Bat, FL Fairy Shrimp & Golden Aster, Grasshopper Sparrow & Perforate Chadonin, the Salt Marsh Vole, Scrub Jay & the Yew (not the Ewe) & the Zisiphus (another Seussian character?)
    Save the TX Ayenia & the Blind Salamander (hey! wasn’t 1 of them #43?).  Save the TX Heelsplitter, Poppy Mallow, Prairie Down Flower & TX Snowballs (rare & endanger for sure).  Save the TX Trailing Phlox & Wild Rice. 
    Save $.  Save time.  Save a life.  Save the Upper Ozone Layer.  Not to be confused with Ozone & SMOG down here in the lower atomosphere hovering over highly populated & industrialized areas. 
Hey.  Wait a minute.  Hold the phone.  This list is so long & I’m just warming up.  How’s a dog supposeta know the difference between a Van Duesens Rat & Van Gelders Bat. What’sa Vanhelsing?
I can search by:

But when all’s said & done, wouldn’t it just be easier to be good neighbors in the global community & not just dismiss the value & worth of all other species.  How much dignity is afforded a Bagged & Tagged Monitor Lizard with a camera mounted on its tail?   What’s the point of Catch & Release  How’d you like to have a fish hook in your mouth? 

Maybe some things oughta be left alone & humans oughta bone up on  Leave It Skills.  Lots can be learned.  Stop.  Look. & Listen.  OpalK9 OTJ

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