OMG! . . . says GrandSire.  Didja hear?  Didja see?  Lookit this.  Lookit that.  Says rahtchear.  This is my information my Choices & options for 2010.  Oh me.  Oh my.  What’ll become of me?
I dunno, GrandSire.  I’m only a dog.  But I’ll give it the Ol’ Aussie Stare.  That should sort out all the issues confronting you in your quest for knowledge to make the just right decision.  Get this health care question all sorted out.  Get it just right for the forseeable future of 1 HY.
So, lemme see.  It’s an aha moment plain as can be.  See it says rahtthar . . . Medicare & you . . . 2010.  So lessee.  Just answer the questions.  What could be simpler? Put your answers in the matrix & wahlah.
Lessee.  What is your pedigree?  That goes it Box A for Medicare Part Z.  Simple.
What is your zip code?  That’s easy.  That goes in Box A-1-(a).  Pretty simple so far.  What zip code did you originate in?
DOB:  Say what?  The drop down menu doesn’t go back that far.
Were you whelped on a Thursday during a full moon?  Place answer in Box marked *#?+ :
Did your Dam operate an automobile?  Box 2Qt.   Were you born in a barn?  Answer goes in Box Z2Q. 
Now turn to page 151 of this booklet.  Determine which program is just right for you. 
Should you need further assistance, be sure to call 1 800 438-6697 (that  18004dummys).  Be sure to contact your state operated SHIP.  (Hint to GrandSire . . . U R a CA resident now so the agency is only open alternate Tuesdays between 3 & 5 or ask the Govenator). 
Thanks very much for your support there GrandSire.
Your Friendly Healthcare Insurance & Supplemental Medicare Provider
Well I’m beginning to appreciate the complexity of your perplexity there GrandSire.  Your booklet page numbers only go to page 127.  Unless there’s an appendage or amendment or something.  Whatever. But I don’t see anything anywhere.

Didja get any other mailings or additional information?  Whadda about Medicare Part D?  Well.  Sorry about that GrandSire.  I can’t figure it out.  You’re on your own. 
OpalK9 OTJ
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  1. Opal K says:

    How Sad for us all !!!! GMama & AnnieSingle Payer! Single Payer!! etci GrpLeader

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