11/5/09  Wow from Mama & Babbsy, GMama & Annie.  From MyAuntieTeach:  Very Cool.  Thanks.  PS:  I just wish the pix showed up on this page.  OK9)

Thanks to GrandSire for forwarding these todolly awesome pix.

Sorta makes a dog wonder why humans must spend a lotta money, time & effort to prove that humans are the top of the food chain.  What they see here is what always was.  It couldn’ta ever been any other way.  Perish the thought . . . humans might be related to other primates.  Humans are the crowing glory of creation just ’cause they believe . . .

Humans argue & squabble & stand upon principle (principal?  See what I mean?).  Argue the right & the wrong of it regarding any issue.  Argue who’s responsible for climate change & dwindling resources, crumbling bridges & potholes, who’s entitled & who’s not.  When the fact of the matter is that Mother Nature really doesn’t care who’s right & who’s wrong.  Mother Nature will continue to change no matter what anyone believes. 

Human nature is a curious thing.  Mother Nature by contrast, not all that complex or difficult to understand.

OpalK9 OTJ

The yacht ‘Maiken’ was traveling in the south Pacific when the crew came across a weird sight –
It was sand in the water, and the sand was floating ON TOP of the waves…
Look at these photos and try to imagine the feeling, the thrill of experiencing this phenomenon close-up.

This is not a beach, it is volcanic stones floating on the water. 

The trail left by the yacht… through the sand
And then this was spotted… ash and steam rising from the ocean…

And, while they were watching…

A plume of black ash…

A brand new island formed…


Can you imagine the thrill of being the first & only people to see a new island being created … where there was nothing before?

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