The fact that FOXNews is not news is not news at all.  No surprise here that FOXNews manufactures commercial, fact-free infauxtainment.  That FOXNewsHounds, Pundits & Savants, use words like weapons to aid  friends, cronies & commercial supporters.  FOXNewsHounds, Pundits & Savants are handed opinions in a  daily Talking Points Memo.
The fact also remains that other, so-called Legitimate News Outlets do not refrain from manufacturing news & are not above commercialized fact free infauxtainment to fill air time.    
On slow news days, Legitimate News Outlets spin stories from whole cloth.  Carefully select facts from a larger, more complicated story to fit into the minimal time alotted to actual reporting of the news.
Ask Gotcha Questions with a straight face like the reporter just arrived on this planet from outer space.  & when they don’t get the answer expected, the disappointment that a story isn’t going to get legs is quite obvious . . . to this dog, who like all dogs, is very adept @ reading human facial expression & body language even when the words aren’t all that clear.  They’re just words anyway.  Largely unstable & insubstantial.
So now that the White House has called it what it is, so-called Legitimate News Outlets are not above playing the 1st Amendment Card by proxy for FOXNews & FOXNewsHounds, Pundits & Savants.  It’s not like so-called Legitimate News Outlets haven’t been saying the same thing using inference & innuendo just like FOX. 
They just seem to want the territory for themselves.  Legitimate News Outlets go outta their way to do fair & balanced reporting.  So much so they give exaggerated face time to small segments of dissent & controversy.  Drum up controversy where there’s little @ all in the overall larger scheme of things.  Is it just me or does it seem that the only segments of society that need to be convinced of the need for healthcare reform are the Pols on the Hill, especially the Hidebound Senate (mostly all protecting their own territory) & the media?
When the media gets caught with their attention in the cookie jar or wherever it shouldn’t be, they point fingers & blame.  Start criticizing & analyzing the comedians on Comedy Central.  Saying . . . . Isn’t your position jaded & biased.  Well, yes.  But Comedy Central doesn’t presume to be the news or a Legitimate News Outlet.  It’s comedy.  Says so in the name.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, think the 1st Amendent is a really great invention.  If but for the 1st Amendment, your bloggin’ dog probly wouldn’ta been. 
Sometimes tho ya gotta have the courage of your own convictions.  So when the White House says FOXNews is not news & will be treated accordingly, I gotta say . . . Awesome.  At last.  Why didn’t somebody say so before?
OpalK9 OTJ
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