Quote Love DWTS too. BUT isn’t this AGAIN turning into a popularity contest rather than choosing the best dancers???? Rather disappointed with this weeks elimination….2 others have deserved to go for 2 weeks!!!  AGREE commercials are HORRIBLE…such an insult to us !!!  Parents who exploit children drive me up the wall !!!!  Watched some (not enough) of National Parks!!!!  Makes me want to travel more. Rodger and I did see many of them as we love the outdoors and God’s creations!!!  Lastly….like we have nothing better to do than torture animals with "luggage"….Oh please!!!!  Where are all the promised jobs…..Health care premium reductions, property tax relief, lower oil prices, banks LENDING $$’s instead of building profit for outlandish bonus, severance pay etc. packages & on & on!!!!   Florida has over 1 million People unemployed as of now!!!!  Governor Charlie Crist is busy running for the Senate!!!!  Is this the greatest county???? Think it can be IF our leaders decide to lead!!!!!! heard the other day that ten (10) people are running the WORLD !!!! Sure would like to talk to them!!!!!  They sure have us where they want us….totally controlled with proverty and those that are not there yet are on the way!!!!! Is this the fate for the 21st century????  GMama & Annie 

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