Didja ever have a real great idea?  A cracker-jack thought?  & ya say to yourself . . . A capital thought.  Yah.  This could bring about Whirrled Peas & Harmony, Global Understanding, Democracy & Prosperity.  Control Climate Change.  By Jiminey.  I’ll do it.  It’s a just & worthy cause.
So ya assess risks & options.  & figure out how to put it together in just the proper & politically correct sort of way.  Ya start chatting it up & networking to further the cause.  Play games with  neighbors & have meaningful exchange. 
Then comes the real hard work.  Crafting a message to sell the cause to consumers & voters so everyone’s real happy when they see what you’ve done. 
Then ya MBark on the mission.  Just trying to help & do good for AnimalPlanet.com & neighbors in the neighborhood.  Intentions are noble.  Ya try not to permit troublesome distractions to sway you from your mission.  It’s a noble cause. 
Contact the Media.  Spread the good word.  How can such a good & noble purpose spin out of control? 
& pretty soon, well not all that soon when you actually Sit & take note.  A lotta time passed right through your paws.  Where does time go?  & then ya notice that progress is made.  Your not where ya started &  you’re not quite sure where you are when you arrive.  How did THAT get there in my way?  You’ve been so busy polishing rough edges ya might not’ov noticed rocks & bolders lying in the road all the time.
& then the next thing ya know, it’s countdown to liftoff.  It is a success or a dud?  But your feet hurt & your head’s fuzzy & you’re not sure that the outcome is exactly what you planned in your head.  You’re not sure it was really such a good idea after all. 
Then the fighting is over.  The die is cast.  & you find yourself waking up & wondering . . . How did I get here from there?  Where did I start from?  . . . How long ago was that?  All the planning & forecasting, pursuading & cajoling just blows up in your face. 
I hate when that happens.  I surely do.
So ya return doggedly to your domain.  To sleep off disappoint & hit the Refresh Button.  Call it a day.  To consider & ponder . . . What should I do?  Give it up.  Maybe it wasn’t such a hot idea after all.  & ya rest your head on your cushion.  Just a little shut eye.  Gain perspective on the status of things.
Then ya wake up the next morning.  The CA sunshine shines through your window overlooking the pool.  And then the phone rings.  HQ calling to relay latest developments on the Cause.  That happened overnight while you were napping, gaining perspective.
So ya power up your laptop & turn on webcam.  Next thing ya know, tuh-duh.  You’re on UTube & someone on the other end says . . . Good job, OpalK9.  There’s been a development.  Situation reassesed.  We like what you said.  Some of it’s doable.  Call next week.  We’ll discuss where to go from Here.
I like when that kind of surprise happens.  See my inner smile? 
OpalK9 OTJ
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