There’s a neighbor dog here in my neighborhood.  I don’t know his name.  We’ve not been formally introduced, ya see.  I only see him around, here & there, now & then.  See him following his master, a Swell Prince of a Fellow.
My neighbor is a Shepherd of Germanic Heritage, a noble breed.  The heart of the K9 Corp, teamed up with law enforcemnt officers.  Shepherds of Germanic heritage are bomb-sniffing & drug-sniffing dogs.  Shepherds of Germanic heritage are sensitive & courageous.  Self-respecting Off-spring of Great Todo. 
Getting a master is a roll of the bone, at best.  Some of us are lucky & get to join a team, a family & take part in the larger scheme of things.  Others like my neighbor, just suffer in silence.  What else can be done? 
German Shepherd’s master is a swell Prince of a Fellow.  He doesn’t believe in Poo Bags or picking up after himself . . .  or his dog.  So Swelled Prince prances the neighborhood, 8 steps ahead of the dog.  When the dog does his bizness, as dogs must do, he’s forced to do it right on the sidewalk.  In front of God & Great Todo & anyone around.  How humiliating & demeaning.  Perish the thought.
I’ve witnessed it.  I know what I see.  Sniffed it so I know the scent.  Not many days go by from 1 trail to the next.  It’s easy to tell the dog’s embarassed & chagrinned.  He probly much rather be anywhere that following behind his master & doing his bizness right out on the sidewalk & no one picks up.  A blow to self-esteem & dignity.  A Shepherd of Germanic Heritage has his pride, ya know.
German Shepherd suffers in silence.  He’s a good dog & knows his purpose.  A self-respecting Off-spring of Great Todo. 
I can only speculate what Prince of a Fellow’s response might be were we to suggest . . . Pardon us, Sir.  Would it be too much to ask you to clean up after your dog?   Parks supplies poo-bags.  Just put a couple in your pocket.  It’s no trouble at all. 
I can only imagine . . . Why?  Can’t you see, OpalK9?  I have a family to support.  I’m a busy person.  Far too important to be burdened with abiding by petty rules or common courtesies.  Which apply to others, not me.  Besides, he’s just a dog.  He doesn’t care where he does his bizness.  Oh no. No.  No.  No.  OpalK9.  You’re sadly mistaken.  I can’t be bothered with petty details & bureaucracies.  Besides, it’s only the sidewalk.  That’s Parks Department job.  So menial.  Much below my skill set, education & abilities.   Parks gets paid to do that.  I pay my taxes.  Let them do their job.  I’m American.  I know my rights.  Oh no.  No. No. No.  Besides, you should see my neighbor.  Now there’s a real doozie.  You should see his garage.  & his landscaping.  Scandalous.  Just look over there.  You’ll see.  Things could be worse than just leaving dog crap on sidewalks all over town. 
Sometimes I wish that us dogs had better communication skills than merely understanding human body language & words.  Not often.  Just sometimes.  Like when dealing with knuckleheads that can’t possibly be bothered to do the right thing.  Just the smallest right thing.  Like common courtesy & respect, obeying laws & observing rules that help us all get along better in neighborhoods & on AnimalPlanet.com.
OpalK9 OTJ
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