You betcha, GrandSire.  I’m your Bloggin’ Dog.  I’d be happy to lend a paw to the Finale Reunion of the Soldiers of Black Hawk, the Greatest Generation
I’ve done my homework.  I blogged about reunions in IN & PA.  I watched The War by Ken Burns.  I’m probly the only dog that’s watched all 28 segments of Vicory @ Sea. 
I scanned & uploaded each picture & page.  I copied diary posts that journal your travels through training & deployment, service in 2 theaters & worlds apart.  Through VE Day, VJ Day & beyond.  I reproduced GrandDam’s words as were written on the album pages.  & whenever I found personal comments on the back of individual pictures, I included that too on the front of the scan. 
I’m a Bloggin’ Dog after all.  A pup of the digital age.  I get the Medium is the Message.  I tried to deliver the spirit of the information I saw, without the emotional filter & distraction of my own words & thoughts.
Some facts that I know from research & reading:  There were 130M Americans @ that time.  16 M served in uniform.  1/2 M died serving @ arms in that very long & wearying war.  10,000 K9s served also, lending a paw where 2 feet were insufficient to get the job done.  No effort too little.  No contribution too small to be counted as worthy of national spirit united in great enterprise.  Us Americans are always @ our best when united in Great Enterprise & doing our best.
The country had been through hardship & peril.  Economic collapse followed by enemy attack on our shores that blew up our interests, left thousands for dead.  Picked a fight they ultimately couldn’t win because of the American Spirit of Can Do, Determination & Dedication.  The parallels between your time & mine are numerous.  Us dogs are pretty good @ reading human body language.  I know what I see.
Still, the Medium is the Message.  I can’t help but observe a coupla things from my own unique perspective down here on the ground.  & @ my laptop where I pass the time while you gather with Black Hawks one last time. 
The parallels are many but what I don’t see . . . No chicken in the headlight stare.   No  Eye 4 an Eye rhetoric.  No  My Dog is Holier than Yours.  Just All Hands on Deck.  Let’s Get this Job Done.  Clean up & Move On. 
Yep.  I’m your Bloggin’ Dog.  I’m happy to lend my Blog Spot to a final reunion of Soldiers @ Arms that served our country with distinction & pride.  I’m happy to contribute & serve the best that I can.  Thanks for asking.  Attached are a few of the pictures I scanned.  Enjoy the uploaded & digitized Diary/Blog
OpalK9 OTJ
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