We, here @ Todo Chronicles, were pleased to gather in our family circle, in front of our TV, to watch your address to Congress re: Health Care Reform.  We thought it quite clear & succinct.  We had not problem understanding the message. 
GrandSire said  . . . You’re right, Mr President.  Insurance companies have been bad actors far too long.  They have abused the consumer & committed fraudulent practices.  They have placed profit motive before business objectives & not doing business in a straight forward, honest & ethical manner.  I’m not sure I recognize the industry anymore.
GrandSire would know.  He had a 45 year year career in the insurance industry interrupted only by his service to our county in uniform.  We, here @ Todo Chronicles, think GrandSire’s credibility speaks for itself.  He knows what he’s talking about.  Don’t need to draw him a picture or connect the dots.
Mymi said you hit a homerun.  Knocked it outta the park. 
Myself, personally, I’m only a dog.  But I understood the message quite clear.  We have a system in place.  It’s working OK so many believe.  But it’s quite clear some of it’s broken & needs some adjustment.  People are underserved.  Citizens are dying for lack of adequate service in the Land of Wealth & Plenty.  They are deprived of the right to pursue Life, Liberty & Happiness.  That just ain’t right.  Playing the Dumbell Card doesn’t cut it anymore.
As for certain behavior on the floor on Congress, texting & shout-out & other uncivilized activities, GrandSire says . . . I used to be a Republican. 
What else can I say?
OpalK9 OTJ
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