In case you forgot you won the election last Nov.  Why are you letting the Radical & Angry Right & the Sissy Blue Dogs (their own name for them not mine) drive the debate?  The Radical Right never changes positions.  They are the party of No; of hate & anger; of slander & smear.  They are the party of victims (mostly of their own actions) & the party of the oppressed (in their own skewed logic).  They are the party of I Got Mine, FU.  The party of I Got Mine & I want yours & yours & yours & I’m entitled to his & hers even though I stole more than I earned.  The party of name calling & labels.  The party of Shoot First & Ask Questions Later.  The party of secrecy, deception & need to know. 

The self-anointed Sissy Blue Dogs . . . I don’t know what their problem is.  They were happy enough to ride the coattails of success.  To agree with campaign rhetoric & align themselves with a winning party.  If they weren’t so worried about remaining in office through the next election cycle, they could give meaning to their words.  If they get voted out of office in the next election cycle, it won’t be because they delivered.  It will be because they showed themselves to be just another pol, eager to win & not so eager to deliver or offend big campaign contributers.

If the party of Yes We Can waffles on the centerpiece of the 50 state campaign; does not deliver on campaign promises, there will be plenty of disappointment & blame to go around.  I don’t think it is even reasonable or helpful to adopt any old health care legislation just to get something on the books without offending the Radical & Angry, & BTW Minority Right or Fat & Bloated Insurance companies.  Depending on banks to do the right thing with billions in bailout money has not worked out so well.  It is just plain unacceptable to expect that insurance companies will behave any better. 

When the Party of No takes offense that a duly elected President wishes to address the nation’s youngest citizens in public schools where the majority of children attend & where there is the greatest need for role models & team spirit & the Yes We Can attitude, I guess there’s no pleasing them.  So why bother?

Organize for America the way you organized your campaign.  Git ‘er done.  The real Blue Dogs & Red Dogs & dogs Left, Right & Center that helped get you elected are still watching . . . & waiting.

OpalK9 OTJ

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