By now, the good news has gone viral.  Jaycee Lee is home.  She’s reunited with real family after 18 HY in captivity.  Jaycee Lee was abducted from her neighborhood near Lake Tahoe. CA.  She was held in captivity in a backyard much like backyards across Suburban CA.  ‘Cept Jaycee Lee didn’t have a TV or windows in her space.  No pool.  No friends or visitors.  No medical care or education.  Jaycee Lee is home again after 18 HY & 2 pups wheped while Jaycee Lee was in captivity . . . sired by her captor.  How creepy is that?
My BFFs know that my story is similar to Jaycee Lee’s.  Back in the day, before I was rescued by my AuntieKim & NorCalAussieRescue, before I was fostered by Mama & Papa & Babs & before I was adopted by Mymi, I was held in captivity, against my will.  Forced to bear pups for fun & profit of an inhumane captor called an Owner.   I was held in captivity & I wasn’t alone.  I was a brood bitch in a puppy mill.  I lived Jaycee Lee’s nightmare too. 
I never knew my captor’s name.  Was taken from my dam too soon after whelping.  Never trained or treated with care & concern.  Bred to Poodles with the intent to create AussieDoodles.  My pups, 1 & all, taken from me & I never saw them again. 
After my AuntieKim rescued me, my captor was himself captured by local authorities.  He was tried for offenses I know not what.  He went to jail, but not for long enough.  So I know a lot about Jaycee’s story.  I can identify. 
We are all happy that Jaycee has been found, alive & in good health.  Jaycee will keep her offspring & be with her dam while she adapts to civilized society.  We wish Jaycee & her family all the best.  We’re glad you’re safe & with loved ones once again.
We would like to salute & WagTail to the observant & conscientious Campus Cops.  Just doing a job in less than awesome circumstances.  A job that’s often thankless & seriously disrespected & dismissed.  Public servants who observed suspicious circumstances & reported said circumstances to appropriate authorities.  Public servants who, while following protocol, put 2 & 2 together & decided something was definitely wrong & not adding up to 4 which even a dog knows is a true fact.   
We are pleased & delighted that Jaycee Lee is home again safe.  She’s gonna require much guidance & assistance in the days & months to come.  We of DogNation are here to help.  If you need us Jaycee Lee.  We’re here @ annoyingvoice.  Her dam never gave up hope & we know she will do right by her pups & grandpups.  We wish them all the best. 
We will be observing as the case goes through due process.  Speaking from the experience of being pimped for fun & proseletizing, locking up Jaycee Lee’s captors where they will never see sunlight again would be too good.  We’ll be patient & wait while Justice is served.
Sen Coburn, Dr Coburn, if you’re reading this, Americans are giving & helping their neighbors in record numbers.  Americans are doing good jobs without expectation of reward or recognition.  Read the tea leaves, Sen Coburn, Dr Coburn.  Now I know why I cringe when someone says God Bless you.  Jaycee Lee’s captors justified their actions with words & revelations.
Welcome back Jaycee Lee.
OpalK9 OTJ
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