My new most favorite of all time TV show for summertime viewing, because there is no DWTS in summertime, is America’s Got Talent.  Hosted by Nick Cannon not Tom B.  Nick’s an all round good fellow & affable guy.  He adds sparkle & pizzazz to Amateur Hours. 
I haven’t watched all the shows.  Just enough to see amateurs get an act together, work real hard to please the judges & entertain the audience & climb the ladder to fame & fortune.
The panel of distinguished judges includes Piers.  He’s kinda grumpy, like Len.  But a pretty fair judge.  Sharon’s all maternal & instincts make her want everybody to win.  At times, she’s so conflicted.   The Hof is no longer another Hunk in Trunks.  Pleasing the judges requires hard work, talent & dedication.
The pot of gold @ the end of the AGT Journey is $1M & a gig in the Valley of Casinos & Bling.  Sort of a Mini-Stim Pkg.  Maybe they’ll say hi to Peach & #1Son, Tootsie Roll & Quits.  But that’s another chapter.
AGT began many weeks ago searching high & low, across the USA, auditioning talented wannabes.  Piers & Sharon & the Hof have succeeded in deleting a large number of acts down to the 5 Remaining Acts.  Sometimes the acts were awful.  Sometimes awesome.  In the beginning there were many.  Now there are 5.
I gotta admit, I’m becoming pretty good @ recognizing talent, if I do say so myself.  I selected 4 of the 5 acts to go on the the finals.  The Fab 5 Dancers are  awesome Dancing Mamas.  Sisters I think, for there is a resemblance.  The stage is smokin’ when they dance.
Voices of Glory are 3 siblings who began singing to their dam when she was injured in an auto accident.  They have become a todally awesome talent with stage poise & presence & with well . . . Voices of Glory & Harmony.  They befriended their competition & kisses all around when Alisha got voted off.  She’ a cute kid but no match for VOG.  But it sorta proves you don’t have to smear & villify the competition just to compete & get ahead. 
TX Tenors are handsome & dashing & todally worth it.  Even if they do come from TX.  & even if their sparkly teeth blind the audience & the camera.  Piers says No mo’ cheese, please.  I thought they were doing a Chevy commercial.  Whadda I know?
Paradizo Dance is a Dynamic Duo not yet of professional standing.  That’s why they are in AGT.  They’ve got grit & determination, grace & talent.  They are mates & their inner sparkle comes from mutual admiration. 
The clear choice, tho,  for the grand prize, the gig & the $, for me, is Rory, the Frizbee Catching Aussie & his matey & Frizbee Passer, Tony.  Clear choice.  Paws down.  Top dog.  Rory’s a Tri-Color Aussie.  Rory’s markings are similar to mine, black & white & copper.  ‘Cept his colors are sharp & distinct & mine are kinda marbled & mixed.
When they announced Rory & Tony got the nod to the finals, Tony looked surprised.  Not Rory, tho.  Just another night in the Spotlight for Rory.  Expect nothing less from an Aussie.  Aussies Got Talent.
OpalK9 OTJ
Good luck Rory, training Tony to be a better tosser.  You only got a week.
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